Envelop represents “blood” that symbolized the unity of family, which is also the concept of HISTFAMILY. In order to prove that letters and envelopes for loved ones would be delivered unopened, they were sealed with wax and engraved with the sender's crest. This personal crest was an emblem to prove oneself = identity. It represented the sender’s proof and trust. We preferred to represent the concept of blood connections as to put a modern interpretation on this sealing wax and one’s crest as HITSFAMILY. Blood transports = delivers oxygen, nutrients and waste throughout the body, but also served to heal wounds as platelets within the blood cells clot to stop bleeding. We reflected the function of transportation and mail systems in society, and its context as an analogy the function of blood in the body in this envelop. To deliver our valuable nutrients = mails to our recipients, this envelop resembling the blood took a role, we represented gathering, bond and preventing the damage to the outside of the envelop as if the ripped edges resemble the coagulated blood that spurs healing when the envelop was torn. We also represent personal crest as personal identity.Our blood connections grow like tree branches as we procreate. If you receive this envelope, please open it as you wish. Every opened envelope is the birth of a new connection and we will see it as a token of your trust.
Creative Director : Arata Sasaki
Art Direction+design : Takashi Kawada
Processing : Cosmotech
Paper : Heiwa Paper
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sleep wear project