It is a business card that represented “blood” symbolized the family unity as the concept of HITSFAMILY. The blood that flows in our bodies delivers nutrients to our organs and removes wastes while at times helping to keep external substances out of our systems. The word "blood" up until now has also been representative of strong connections. We found this function, this idea, to be analogous to the relationships within society and the corporation (or individual). We rarely get to see the workings of 'blood and blood flow,' but if we hold our hand up to the sunlight, we can catch a glimpse. By holding the more subdued ideas and activities to the light, we believe our future creators will be able to find purpose. The HITSFAMILY business cards embody this concept by adjoining two sheets of illume card, each representing the artery and the vein, with a layer of flesh, or embossed paper, in between. By holding the business card to the sunlight or a bright light, you can reproduce the same 'blood and blood flow' effect as when you hold your hand to the light.
Creative Director : Arata Sasaki
Art Direction+design : Takashi Kawada
Processing : Cosmotech
Paper : Heiwa Paper
/ EN

sleep wear project