MESOCARE+ | Package - Branding

We designed the website and packaging for Mesocare+ shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Their products are developed based on leading research.

The design we created exudes simplicity, which is the foundation of Mesocare+'s scalp care method. In creating their products, they remove all that is unnecessary and focus on the scalp, which is the foundation for hair growth. In a way, their products are created through the process of subtraction. It is the antithesis of the hair care industry which is inundated with excessive marketing.
In the package design, we reflected the idea of subtraction. We gave the logo impact, which represents their dedication toward scalp care, and the typography in the product name represents high quality and delicateness. We also focused on a clean design and the overall balance of the products when arranged side by side. The single strand of hair engraved on the side of the box has a correlation with the soft, smooth paper. The metaphor expressed here is that healthy hair is both strong and supple.

This same concept is incorporated into the website design. We created a world of simple white, but the presence of action makes it fun to view and navigate through the site, which is designed with functionality and elegance.

Creative Director : Arata Sasaki (HITSFAMILY)
Art Director : Takashi Kawada (HITSFAMILY)
Designer : Mai Minoshima (HITSFAMILY), Goushi Uhira (HITSFAMILY)
Interactive Designer + Technical Director : Yusuke Oshima/Hideyuki Aoshika
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