SHARPEYE | Mother Package - Branding

We did the branding, package design and web design for MOTHER, a skincare brand conceived in Daegu, the mecca of oriental medicine.
Developed especially for Japanese skin, MOTHER cosmetics has roots in traditional Korean medicine and incorporates natural plant extract from Daegu and leading European methodology. Their product is based on the what we know of the life sustaining forces of the natural habitat of Asia and through the study of history and the meaning of what true beauty is.
The brand is named MOTHER to signify how the love we receive from nature is the same as the love we receive from our own mothers—love that is benevolent and nonjudgmental. The name also embodies a maternal instinct; the hope that the brand will grow to be loved by all.

The layered logo depicts a trickling drop of water in and endless forest. The layers signify the different types of beauty that exist; beauty in the modern world, that of nature, of the city, of Western Europe, and of Asia. These contrasting forms of beauty come together and metamorphose into a new perspective of beauty. With this implication, we can see a two-dimensional image and convert it into a three-dimensional concept in our minds. The base of the package is plain white, which represents pure skin and we used dark green to symbolize the forest in this memorable design.
For women, skincare is an act of soul-cleansing. It is a moment in which we remember our true selves. The inspiration behind the website design was a woman who embraces her own unique beauty. The site is also designed to be a functional online store where product information and purchasing are easy to navigate.

Creative Director: Arata Sasaki (HITSFAMILY)
Art Director: Takashi Kawada (HITSFAMILY)
Designer: Mai Minoshima (HITSFAMILY)
Account Manager: Kotoe Seino (HITSFAMILY)
Interactive Designer + Technical Director: Yusuke Oshima / Hideyuki Aoshika
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