CANON | Namiko Kitaura Card - Graphic Design

We designed the posters, direct mail, invitations, and business cards for Namiko Kitaura's solo exhibition, Recollection. Her exhibit was the first of the Canon Gallery S 2015 Special Exhibition series, She's, which features works by three notable female photographers.
A simple, yet symbolic line is used in the logo. It represents the concept that the human psyche is made up of three layers: the ego, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious, based on the psychological philosophy of Carl Jung. It is a symbol of how the process of digging into the layers of our psyche in search of old memories makes us realize that we are actually a part of a larger collective. The diagonal tilt of the lines represents the continuation of our memories, though fragmented they may be. The fog covered mountain chosen as the main visual is an analogy of the multilayered human psyche; memories, like the mountain, are covered in fog and one must get closer to see what is hiding behind the mist. We spread the text and images over a wide area to mimic the way in which memories trickle through. The typography is centered around 'Namiko Kitaura' and the overall design reflects the solemness of her work and ignites a sense of anticipation in the viewers.

Client: CANON
Author: Namiko Kitaura

Creative director: Arata Sasaki(HITSFAMILY)
Design / Art director: Takashi Kawada(HITSFAMILY)
Printed and bound: JAPAN CREATE CO., LTD.
Produced in cooperation with: Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
Photo printer: Canon DreamLabo 5000
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