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We directed and designed the brochure for jewelry brand SIRI SIRI.
YKK AP Inc.'s Window Research Institute is the leading expert in windows and the pioneers of window culture. Their efforts include the 2013 launch of an online magazine and various exhibitions and public announcements at Milano Salone. We had the privilege of managing the creative direction and graphic design for the renewal of their online magazine at the end of last year.

When we see windows in art, culture, and architecture from around the world, we are taught that they are gateways to our freedom, our liberation, and provide enrichment to our lives. We may think of windows as an area of specialization if we think in terms of architectural studies, but they are actually a very intimate part of our lives that connect us with society. We worked closely with the Window Research Institute to develop a new website that would bring a higher level of appreciation to windows by combining both the preexisting 'academic' aspect of windows and the role they play in inspiring high quality lifestyles.

Windows are adaptive and diverse and we represented this by creating an "experience" and "explore" section on the home page. As these keywords indicate, the "experience" section contains content that involves the senses, and the "explore" section contains content that leans more toward academia. It may seem that the articles are divided into these two separate categories, but if you navigate through the site, you will see that there is a seamless transition from article to article. By using tags, we made it easy to migrate and traverse from article to article.
The font and text spacing on each page was carefully selected to reflect the refined, high quality styling of the Window Research Institute. We highlighted the beauty of the text and images by setting them again a plain white backdrop. This is similar to the method used when framing artwork. A subdued frame brings out the beauty of the work. We also made it easy and enjoyable to view information and to transition between articles. For example, the different emphashes we placed on the fonts and photos are designed to direct the readers' eyes from the text in the article to the photos placed on the right and bottom of the page.

The photos that hang against the white background are like windows, and each window is like an entrance. Through these entrances, the Window Research Institute hopes that its viewers will explore and appreciate the depth that windows have to offer. To capture this, we presented the windows with sophistication and familiarity rather than making it a dynamic site.

Client: YKK AP Inc.
Creative Director : Arata Sasaki (HITSFAMILY)
Design and Art Director : Takashi Kawada (HITSFAMILY)
Communication Manager : Kotoe Seino (HITSFAMILY)
Interactive Designer + Technical Director : Yusuke Oshima / Hideyuki Aoshika
Web Site : www.madoken.jp
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