Daisy Balloon <Art book>

“Daisy Balloon” is a balloon unit of Balloon artist Rie Hosokai, who works worldwide, and art director/graphic designer Takashi Kawada. They worked on the book design of the art book “Daisy Balloon.” It’s collected their art works they’ve produced pursuing the possibilities of balloon art for 3 years, from 2008 to 2011. “Expressive Balloons” inspired by” flowing,” “airy” and “fluttering motions.” “The Art of Layering” that decipher from the analogy of layers of tiny balloons in minimum size and layers of various types of creativity. “Light, Shadow and Balloons” is exhibited at “Chocolate A-Z Exhibition” held at Harbor City, Hong Kong. “The Girl Who Fluttered Down” that was published in “RICH magazine/issue01” launched in April 2010. “Balloon Wars” expressed pointless and foolish battle with the irony. Reconsidered the more technical features of balloons, the story of “Forest Apple Bear” woven out to appreciate their rather essential qualities. These are compiled in this book. We insert the improvement of general recognition of balloon art that is a kind of pop art and our strong feelings: “We want to keep this beautiful moment as a picture,” that is everlasting balloon into this book design.
Cover Artwork : Artwork : Rie Hosokai
Art Director : Takashi Kawada
Photographer: Hiroshi Manaka
Make-up : Ebara
Hair : Koji Ichikawa
Stylist : Koji Oyamada
Model : Ira Shushiebina
Photo Retouch : Yoshiaki Sakurai
Set Production : Yoshihito Tada
Production : Daisy Balloon
Book Designer : Takashi Kawada
Editor : Arata Sasaki
Translator : Saori Hamada
Print : Yamada Photo Process Co.,Ltd
Paper : Heiwa Paper Co., Ltd.
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