CANON | Namiko Kitaura ArtBook - Graphic Design

We were responsible for the creative direction and graphic design for the photo book, Recollection, which was released in tandem with Namiko Kitaura's solo exhibit, Recollection. Her exhibition was the first of the Canon Gallery S 2015 Special Exhibition series, She's, which features works by three notable female photographers.

Viewers are drawn into Namiko Kitaura's photography and we believe this is due to the numinous energy that is present in her photographs. A photograph is, in essence, a capture of someone else's memory. When we look at it, it not only provokes the buried fragments of our memories, but it also gives us a sense of connection with those around us, with nature and with the world. We feel something very primitive in this way of connecting, and this is the true pleasure of viewing Namiko Kitaura's photography. The influence and dynamism of her work is captured in this book.

A total of 50 works, from her early days to the present, are contained in this photo book. The dark green paper, which was inspired by her early works, has a quietness to it, as if slowly opening the gate into our recollection. When you dedicate yourself to the journey from the gate to the end of the book, you can enjoy the experience of past memories trickling back into your conscience. The transparent paper curtains that hang amongst her works in the gallery are placed at intervals that seem to coincide with the natural timing of our breath. It is a metaphor of the mist that looms over our recollection. The fact about our recollection is that it is veiled in fog and the older the memory, the heavier the fog.

We got up close and personal with the artist, Namiko Kitaura, to create a book that coveys her message and that shows what lies in the depths of her recollection.

Client: CANON
Author: Namiko Kitaura

Creative director: Arata Sasaki(HITSFAMILY)
Design / Art director: Takashi Kawada(HITSFAMILY)
Printed and bound: JAPAN CREATE CO., LTD.
Produced in cooperation with: Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
Photo printer: Canon DreamLabo 5000
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