SIRI SIRI Brochure - Graphic Design

We directed and designed the brochure for jewelry brand SIRI SIRI.
SIRI SIRI is a jewelry brand that produces contemporary pieces created through the combination of unpredictable materials and traditional craftsmanship. After nine years since the brand's launch comes this brochure, which is an embodiment of SIRI SIRI's policy of "free yourself from existing concepts and be faithful to your own aesthetic."

The photo representing the analogy of "nature to human anatomy" makes us aware that between skeletal systems, muscles, the beautiful curves illustrated by movement, the undulations of mountains, and the beauty stirred up by the winds, there is some kind of shared similarity. While picking up fragmented pieces of a photo and wandering about the complex folds, you become gradually immersed, as if watching a movie, into SIRI SIRI's universe. The vivid yellow booklet illustrates, without words or expression, the way of the universe before accessories came to be. The illustration of the vast expanding universe allows one to experience the world of SIRI SIRI by imagination.

With such a complicated construction, we leave it to the beholder to get absorbed deep into the brand, and this is where the psychological concept of "collective unconscious" comes into play. It is said that 95% of human emotions and behaviors occur unconsciously, but the "collective unconscious" refers to a form of the unconscious which is common to mankind as a whole but difficult for us to perceive consciously. Understanding why we like things and how we view the world is not about coming up with a definitive reason--it is controlled by the unconscious movements of our heart, as represented in this psychological term.

Creative director: Arata Sasaki (HITSFAMILY)
Design and Art director: Takashi Kawada (HITSFAMILY)
Photographer: Namiko Kitaura (TRIVAL)
Styling: Ikuko Tanizaki
Hair: Yoko Sato (AVGVST)
Make-up: Namiko Takemiya (AVGVST)
Model: Menze Kati
Special thanks to: Yagihara Seisakusho, Kobo Okayasu, and suzuki takayuki
Illustrator: fancomi
Binding: shinoharashikou co., ltd.
Print: iWord printing co., ltd.
Papaer: Heiwa Paper co., ltd.
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