AMEIRO RINGO - Package Design / Branding

We worked on the branding and package design for ameiro ringo, a brand of Yamagata-grown apples known for their amber color. We took into account the needs of Seino Rikiji Farm and the needs of city inhabitants and created a package that allows individuals and small families to easily bring these apples home.    Ameiro ringo is grown in Yamagata Prefecture's Asahimachi, which is also home to the honey-core Fuji apple. The name ameiro is derived from the way the apple's bottom appears a translucent amber color when held to the sun. These apples are carefully nurtured since birth until ripe. Although there is only one variety of apple, we changed the packaging depending on which plot of farm they were grown on. Each of the three packing designs tells the story of the apple's birthplace and one can enjoy comparing the distinct flavors of each. The logo was inspired by the apple's symbolic amber colored bottom.
Account Manager : Kotoe Seino (HITSFAMILY)
Creative Director : Arata Sasaki (KOTENHITS)
Art Director : Takashi Kawada (KOTENHITS)
Designer : Mai Minoshima (KOTENHITS)
Paper Director : Heiwa Paper Co.,Ltd.
Print : Yamada Photo Process Co.,Ltd.
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