We took charge of graphic design for “YOHJI YAMAMOTO” exhibition, the 30th anniversary of designer Yohji Yamamoto’s debut in Paris Collection. The original exhibition named “Dialogue” obtained a space to enjoy the each art works in every generation and a dialogue including about twenty art works by photographers such as Peter Lindbergh, the exhibition with about ten collection cloths by Archive, and we also exhibited a video work called “Yohji Yamamoto: The Poet of Black,” which was displayed at Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A).
A melody of DNA that pictures, voice and clothes have sympathies and weave;.
a form of thought which is spun by the word expression; a dialogue with the world of Yuji Yamamoto’s craftsmanship blending aesthetics and a formula of beauty. These were the concept of YOJI YAMAMOTO exhibition. The graphic design we took charge was created Yuji Yamamoto’s spoken word as a possible mediation place by a combination of letters and a “space” of layout. By chipping off futility and making a space, we aimed a space which was held a rich dialogue intervening the viewer’s imagination. And, we represented outline character, which suddenly floated to the jet-black space, as beautiful human trait we face and understand each other by a dialogue conflicting with oneself and others. It is like life-and-death is inside and outside unification.
Organized by SEIBU SHIBUYA
Space Composer : Junji Tanigawa (JTQ)
Graphic Design : Art Direction : Takashi Kawada / Design : Goshi Uhira (KOTENHITS)
Space Sound : Leo Sato
Special Thanks:GLMV, WHITELIGHT.Ltd
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